miCROfest 2017

expose yourself to a completely new experience

27 & 28 October 2017 in Zagreb @ Culture of Change – SC

miCROfest is an international festival of microtonal music aiming to create an opportunity for the public to encounter microtonal music, microtonal instruments and theories of microtonal music. This year, as one of the few events across Europe, miCROfest is part of the EUROMicroFest.

Festival mission is to present program ranging from lectures held by ethno/musicologists that present traditional music systems up to lectures & workshops held by worldwide microtonal experts that offer insights about contemporary microtonal instruments and theory; highlight of the program are concerts presenting both traditional and contemporary microtonal art and interpretation.

This year’s program starts on 27 October with two blocks of concerts including various tuning systems with genera from traditional, contemporary classical, jazz to free improvised music. Not only it’s a rare opportunity for the public to hear live performances of traditional and contemporary microtonal music, we are inviting interested musicians to join the FREE JAM SESSION with our guests from Poland, at the end of the evening.

Second day of the festival is dedicated to the lectures, open discussion & exhibition. Leading worldwide microtonal music experts will hold lectures for all interested composers, musicians, instrument builders and enthusiastic amateurs.  We are inviting interested public to seize the opportunity to hear more about possibilities of writing and performing music in different tuning systems for instruments like harp, guitar, voice and to maybe even get the answer to the question: Why Microtonal Music?

miCROfest 2017 is organized by CAMA – Croatian Association for Microtonal Art, with support from the Republic Croatia Ministry of Culture, Zagreb – City council for culture, Croatian Composers Society, Austrian Culture Forum and in partnership with Culture of Change – SC.

Artistic director of the festival and CAMA president is Zoran Šćekić, contemporary, jazz and microtonal composer.


miCROfest 2017 program


CONCERT – Semicircle hall, 17:00 –18:15

I. Diana Grubišić (HR) – Hybrid States, Zoran Šćekić (HR) – 2,5 min – harp; Harp – graph, Ivan Cancialosi (IT) – 2,5 min – harp; AnRa, Johannes Kotschy (AT) – 17 min – harp;

II. Native singers from Vrbanj, island Hvar (HR) – Gospin Plač, traditional – 7 min – vocals

III. Berislav Antica (HR)– Fragments for alto saxophone, Zoran Šćekić – 13 min,

IV. Noah Jordan (CA) – 20 min – guitar & voice


CONCERT – Semicircle hall, 19:30 – 22:00

I. DSILTON (AT) – duo – Synthesizer, 31-Tone E-Guitar (45 min)

II. Sonus Akrobata (PL) – free improvising group – guitar & timpani (45 min)


FREE JAM SESSION – Semicircle hall, 22:30

with Sonus Akrobata – send request trough Facebook message & bring your own instruments!!!





PANMONISM exhibition – &TD café, 10 – 20h


LECTURES – Semicircle hall , 12-14h

Noah Jordan (CA) – 15 EDO – 45 min

Zoran Šćekić (HR) – Hybrid Harp tuning – 45 min


Round table discussion – &TD café, 16 – 17h

MICROTONAL CAFḖ – open discussion of all participants on the topic of “Challenges of Microtonal music & technology “


LECTURES – Semicircle hall, 18 – 21:15h

DSILTON (AT) – recital about the repertoire and the instruments – 45 min

Johannes Kotschy (AT)– Why Microtonal Music? – 60 min

Zoran Šćekić (HR) – Introduction to the Five Limit Intervals –60 min


CLOSING of the miCROfest 2017


Entrance to all festival events is free.




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