miCROfest 2018


 27 October 2018 in Zagreb @ CeKaTe
Park Stara Trešnjevka 1, 10000 Zagreb

Program of the festival consists of lectures and concert introducing worldwide microtonal experts offering insights about microtonal composition, theory, instruments, traditional and contemporary microtonal systems, microtonal art and interpretation.

Participants & thematics:

Georg Vogel (Austria) – keyboard instrumentalist, instrument builder and composer
Composing possibilities within 31 EDO & meantone temperament
Presenting his keyboard prototype  M-Claviton 31+5
Lecture & concert


Iván Cipactli Hernández Espinosa (Mexico) – percussionist 
Introducing the quarter-tone marimba and project “Expansion of the microtonal marimba”
Exploring the possibilities within 31 & 24 tone equal tempered scale
Lecture & concert


Philipp Gerschlauer (Germany) – saxophone player and composer
Expanding Jazz improvisation with 128 micro-tones per octave
on standard alto saxophone
Lecture & concert


Zoran Šćekić (Croatia) – composer
Presentation of projects “Adria microtonalis” and “Spectral”
Non-tempered, traditional instruments of the North Adriatic and Tibet.
Lecture & concert


Since miCROfest is the only microtonal festival in Adriatic region, the public will have a rare opportunity to hear live performances of contemporary microtonal music and a few première performances of the pieces from above-mentioned composers. The evening concert will present our guests in solo and duo performances including their unique microtonal instruments, their composing and performing mastery.

Seize the opportunity to hear more about possibilities of writing and performing music in different tuning systems for instruments like marimba, saxophone and keyboards.

Presentation of microtonal projects “Expanding microtonal marimba”, “Adria microtonalis”and “Spectral”- the projects aiming for a world tour of the concerts uniting classical European instruments with traditional instruments of the North Adriatic and Tibet, is an open invitation for all composers, instrumentalist and logistics interested in collaboration on the projects.

Festival program includes also an exhibition PANMONISM, author Zoran Šćekić, that will be open for the public from 24 until 30 October 2018 at Modulor gallery in CeKaTe.

Exhibition opening on 24th October introduces solo concert of Šimun Matišić (vibraphone) from 18:30h and continues with Zoran Šćekić lecture “Introduction to Panmonism” at 19:15h in the CeKaTe concert hall. Exhibition PANMONISM will be opened from 20h.


Entrance to all festival events is free.

miCROfest 2018 program

LECTURES, 11:00 – 16:00

11:00 – 11:45 Zoran Šćekić: Presentation of projects ADRIA Microtonalis and Spectral; Non-tempered, traditional instruments of North Adriatic and Tibet.

 12:00 – 12:45 Iván Cipactli Hernández Espinosa: Introduction of the quarter-tone marimba; project Expansion of the microtonal marimba

14:00 – 14:45 Georg Vogel: Navigation through 31EDO using ut-re-mi-fa-sol-la on a split-keyed instrument; introduction of 31+5 tone keyboard, M- Claviton

15:00 – 15:45 Philipp Gerschlauer: Expanding the Jazz language with microtones


CONCERT, 20:00 – 21:30

Vlatka Peljhan and Maja Duhović (viola, violin & electronics)

Tempus Spectrale, Zoran Šćekić


Iván Cipactli Hernández Espinosa (marimba, vibraphone)

Improvisation #1, Iván Hernández

Improvisation #4, Iván Hernández

Amaneceres, Iván Hernández

Canto de la huida, Agustín Castilla Ávila

Qidra, Nicola Visali

Niquitoa, Nicola Visali


Philipp Gerschlauer (saxophone)

128 notes per octave – Jazz, classical and free improvisation


Georg Vogel (31+5 M-Claviton)

Halogenflügel, Georg Vogel

M0, Georg Vogel

Ferry Fahrsept, Georg Vogel


Georg Vogel (31+5 M-Claviton) i Philipp Gerschlauer (saxophone)

Strong Man, Zoran Šćekić

Zagreb Suit*, Philipp Gerschlauer

Duft, Georg Vogel



EXIBITION PANMONISM, author: Zoran Šćekić 24 – 30 October 2018  @ Gallery Modulor – CeKaTe

Exhibition opening on 24th October at Modulor gallery introduces solo concert of Šimun Matišić (vibraphone) from 18:30h and continues with Zoran Šćekić lecture “Introduction to Panmonism” at 19:15h in the CeKaTe concert hall. Exhibition PANMONISM will be opened from 20h.


* world première performance of the composition




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