CV & Projects


Date of birth: 15/ 07/ 1972 (Djakovo, Croatia)

Occupation: composer, arranger, and innovator

Received his BFA in jazz guitar at the “University of Music and Performing Arts Graz” (Austria). As a recipient of “Bruxelles Stipendium 1998” went to Helsinki to continue post-graduate studies in Composition and Arrangement and to take part in the “International Summit of Music Academies” as a representative of Sibelius Music Academia.

His works as composer, arranger and guitarist in the field of written and improvised music is available on unofficial studio and live 6 CD’s compilation “Selected works in equal temperament” as a result of playing jazz guitar in duo, trio and quartet, collaborating with light and stage designers, choreographers and visual artists in creation of theater and film music, participating at Jazz and Free Jazz festivals, music Biennial and writing numbers of works for Big Band, chamber orchestra and big orchestra consisting of plucked strings orchestra and Big Band.

Within his micro-tonal work he had compositions premiers in European capitals, seminars on micro tonal harmony based on his book “Five limit intervals – Theory & Praxis” and presentations of micro tonal keyboard prototype (Z-board) built in San Diego after his construction. New released CD album “JUST MUSIC” – music for piano in five limit Just intonation with Ravello Records is among the BEST of 2015 in USA based on the last year Grammy award winner John Schneider choice, next to the Harry Partch and Brad Mehldau. An author of multimedia project “Panmonism” premiered in Concert Hall V. Lisinski in Zagreb. The project consists of the concert with original compositions for piano in five limit Just intonation, animated movie about the connection between mathematics and music, lecture on Just intonation harmony and exhibition of harmonograph prototype (Lira Spectrum) built in Bari, Italy after his construction. Lira Spectrum is a permanent exhibit of a technical museum “Nikola Tesla” in Zagreb, Croatia. Artistic director of miCROfest since 2016.


1998 – Bruxelles Stipendium for best student of the year

2004 – Croatian Theatre Award for best dance performance – Sjena by Histeria Nova, music composed and performed by Zoran Scekic

2009 – “Porin” for the Jazz song of the year – ‘Boy Joe’ by Maja Grgić, Big Band arrangement by Zoran Scekic

2015 – Winner of the Croatian Composer Society contest “International” for the CD album “Just Music”

2016 – Winner of the ‘3rd Annual European Bigband Composer Competition’ in Copenhagen, Denmark with a piece “Sphinx Avenue”


1994. – Wynton Marsallis – group improvisation

1995. – Barry Haris – harmony

1997. – Bill Frissell – free improvisation

1999/2000. – Michael Abenne, Bill Dobbins and Bob Brookmeyer – Big Band

Languages: – Croatian, English, German, Slovenian



Work in progress:

  • Initiating “Processio Microtonalis” – microtonal research project of Croatian traditional intonation systems; part of the research dedicated to Istrian and north Adriatic region is conducted in cooperation with “Ivan Matetić Ronjgov” institution under the name of ADRIA Microtonalis (press)



2017International symposium of microtonality, Microtones – small is beautiful, Salzburg, Austria –  Holding lecture “Hybrid Harp Tuning” (info)

2017 – The XIII Moscow International Slavic Musical Festival, Russia – member of the jury at contest and holding masterclasses about microtonal music

201710th Europe Week & 4th International Music Week @ Yaşar Üniversitesi, Izmir, Turkey – holding masterclasses about improvised and microtonal music

2017 – Chris Jarrett & Abstract Construction Collective @29. Music Biennale Zagreb (info)

2017 – Modèles: Microtonal Music for Violin and Viola organized by Boston Microtonal Society @Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA – world première of the composition”Tempus Spectrale” for violin and viola (info)

2017 – The Hidden Gem Concert 2017 in Warwick, UK – composition “Hybrid States” performed by the harpist Vera Khait

2016 – 53. Music Festival; Opatija –  world première of the composition „Tiki“ for solo guitar by Tomislav Vasilj &  première of the composition „Sphinx Avenue“, winner of the 3.rd European Bigband composers competition, by Croatian radio television Jazz orchestra & vocals (Jazz orchestra | Andreas Marinello, conductor | Ana Jembrek, soprano | Martina Borse, alto | Siniša Galović, tenor | Želimir Panić, tenor)

2016 – Concert and CD promotion «ŠAFRUN»; Samobor city band; (press) – Premier of the composition “Istrian dance for big orchestra”

2016 –  miCROfest – international festival of microtonal music in Croatia, Artistic director

2016 – Presenting Panmonism @ AudioArt  07 – experimental and improvised music festival

2016 – Winner of the 3. annual European composer competition for the BigBand, in Denmark with a composition “Sphinx Avenue”

2016 – Presenting Panmonism within Science Festival in Zagreb dedicated to the Art & Science theme in technical museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb (press, from 52.min)

2016 – Releasing CD album ‘JUST MUSIC – music for piano in five limit Just intonation’ with Ravello Records (press)

2015 International symposium of microtonality, Microtones – small is beautiful, Salzburg, Austria

Holding lecture “Introduction to the Five Limit Harmony” (recording)

2015 – Founder of the Croatian Association of Microtonal Art (CAMA)/Hrvatska Udruga Mikrotonalnog Umjetničkog Stvaralaštva (HUMUS)

2015 – Premiere of multimedia project PANMONISM in partnership with EUROMicroFest 2015, Zagreb, Croatia 
Author of multimedia project ‘Panmonism’ – (music – innovation – education) read more about Panmonism

2015 – CD “Fragments” by Berislav Antica, Croatia Records 

Composing microtonal piece “Nine fragments for alto sax” – inspired by the traditional chant from island Hvar.

2014 – 51. Music Festival; Opatija (press)

‘Five limit intervals’ – microtonal lecture;

2014 – “Sky, Apples & Dance” – Concert for Big Bend and Plucked strings orchestra  (press, audio)

Premiere of the concert with Croatian National Television Jazz and Plucked strings orchestra

2014 – 50. Anniversary of music highschool “Stevan Mokranjac”; Kraljevo

‘Five limit intervals’ – microtonal lecture;

2014 – Croatian National Television Jazz orchestra for EBU jazz season (press)

Presenting 4 pieces: Old Ringelspiel, When Stalker becomes a Walker, One – 1st piece, and Istrian dance

2013 – Co-author with prof.dr. Zvonimir Šikić on book: ‘Mathematics and Music’; Profil, Zagreb (buy a book)

2012 – (DA)(NE)S Festival; Maribor (press)

‘Five limit intervals’ – microtonal workshop;

2012 – Concert with Amira Medunjanin and band REKA; London, UK

2012 – Concert with Renza Bo; Centre International de Deauville; France

2012 – Concert and CD promotion «U sredi naseg sela»; HRT Big Band; Zagreb; (audio)

Premier of the two traditional pieces arrangement for Big Band: “Istarski ples” and “Nebesko kolo”

2012 – Concert «Studio Bajsic – HRT»; HRT Big Band;  Zagreb (audio, press)

Premiere of the concert ‘Spiral Chronicles’ – eleven pieces for Big Band

2011 – Concert «Art Academy»; Osijek

Premiere of  ‘Five pieces for solo piano in Just intonation’; piano – Ana Zgur

2010 – «ARTMUSFAIR» Warshaw (audio, press)

Premiere of the composition ‘23.10.’ for solo piano in Just intonation
Seminar on the theme: ‘Geometrical Scale System’

2009 – «International symposium on microtonality» Vienna (press)

Presentation and seminar about ‘Geometrical Scale System’

2008 – «The best soup, the best soup!» (audio)

Composition, arrangement and performance of the music for theater piece by Rene
Medvešek. Premiere: 29th March 2008. – „ZKM“ – Zagreb, Croatia

2007 – «Geometrical Scale System» (press)

Author of the project – prototype of the microtonal keyboard was built by ‘StarrLabs’
(San Diego), according to authors instructions.

2007 – «Music Biennale 2007» (audio, press)

Composer and performer of the „Rhythm of Low Harmony“
Premiere concert played at „Theater & TD“ 22nd April 2007.; Zagreb, Croatia.

2005 – «Music Biennale 2005» (audio, press)

Composer and performer of the „Music for chamber orchestra and free jazz quintet“
Premiere concert played at „Mimara Museum“ 16th April 2005.; Zagreb, Croatia.

2005 – «Ludic Space» (audio)

Composer, performer and music director / interactive theater; Introducing new self-made electric string instrument
Premiere: 15th January 2005. – „Lika“ cinema- Zagreb, Croatia

2004 – «SJENA» (audio, press)

Music composition and interpretation for contemporary dance& Butoh performance –
introduction to the new technique of playing string instruments. Premiere: 18th July 2004. Osijek Summer Festival of culture. Produced by Histeria NOVA Dance Prod.

2003 – «GRAZ-Kultur Hauptstadt 2003»

Composing «Music for metal percussion» performed by ”Studio Percussion”, Graz (Austria)

2002 – «JEDNO» (audiopress)

Composing ‘Five pieces for string quartet’ –  Collaboration with contemporary dance choreographer Marija Šćekić.  Premiered at «19th Week of Contemporary Dance» in Zagreb, 7th-8th July 2002. Produced by Histeria NOVA Dance Prod.

2001-2002 – «Zoran Scekic Quintet» (audio)

Founder of the experimental band which works on performing Šćekić’s original written «free» compositions in terms of melody and harmony, defined by other musical parameters and  then written by colors and graphics. In 2001 the band participated at «Free Jazz Festival», Graz 2001.

1993-2000 – «Zoran Scekic Duo/Trio» (audio)

Founder, guitarist and bandleader. The band became a home band at Jazz Club «At Rene’s» in Graz and was soon reformed into duo (Zoran Šćekić-guitar, Nenad Vasilić-double bass) and actively worked in that formation until 1999. when 1st CD «Live in Wist», Graz (A) was recorded with Balkans Etno music in the Jazz arrangement.