One possible solution to the problem of preserving natural intervals offered by Zoran Šćekić introduces invention of the new instrument. Z-board is MIDI keyboard consisting of 576 (24 x 24) keys, which is much more in relation to 88 keys of modern pianos.

Zoran Šćekić comment of the Z-board:

“I didn’t want to give up on natural intervals… – and I’m not the only one! Many musicians and scientist were dealing with this problem in the past. Today, with the benefit of new technologies and information accessibility, there are more and more people trying to find the best possible solution for the problem of preserving the natural intervals within modulation. My solution to this problem was the introduction of a new keyboard which is not linear or one-dimensional like standard piano keyboard, but works in two dimensions like the chessboard.”



Z-Board 24×24 is the first prototype of a microtonal keyboard with 576 dynamic sensitive keys spaced in 24 rows with 24 keys in each. Essentially, it’s master keyboard which prior function lies in the field of composing, exploring and analyzing the world of microtonal music.

Custom made master keyboard was built according to Zoran Scekic construction by “StarrLabs” from San Diego/California and with financial support from the Croatian Ministry of Culture – Found for Entrepreneurship in the culture.

More info about the solution to the “Pythagorean problem” or perseverance of the natural intervals and the role of the Z-board can be found in the video below.