The winner of the 3rd Annual European Bigband Composer Competition is Zoran Šćekić’s piece „Sphinx Avenue“

The Big Band And The Vocals have had its final of their large European Composers Competition with a Theme: Music to the rhymes of famous Danish poet Ursula Andkjær Olsen on 20 of June 2016. After receiving two dozen of pieces for this year competition, the finalists were:

ZORAN ŠĆEKIĆ, Croatia – composer & arranger, with a composition: Sphinx Avenue

TOMAS HAINES, UK – composer &musician, with a composition: Strange Utopia

MICHELE CORCELLA, Italy – composer & arranger, with a composition: More and More Nameless

ALEXANDER HAGEL THORN, Denmark – saxophone player, composer & arranger, with a composition: Navnløs.

During the concert, all four pieces were performed under the conductor Mads Pagsberg, and this year winning composition is Zoran Šćekić’s Sphinx Avenue. 


Video of the winning piece performance is @