CAMA – Croatian Association of Microtonal Art/

HUMUS – Hrvatska Udruga Mikrotnalnog Umjetničkog Stvaralaštva


The association has been founded at the beginning of the 2015 with a following goals: to promote, develop and advance traditional and contemporary microtonal music; to initiate systematic and detailed research of traditional microtonal systems as an important part of the cultural heritage; to initiate and promote composition and interpretation in microtonal systems for further development of the music in general; to promote objective connection between science and art.


Since its founding, the association has delivered few relevant projects: Panmonism première in Zagreb was its first project – this was also the first official participation of Croatia at European Festival of Microtonal music – EUROMicroFest 2015.

With support from Croatian Composers Society 2015 International award, CAMA published “Just Music” – CD album of Zoran Šćekić microtonal compositions.

In 2016, in cooperation with “Ivan Matetic Ronjgov institution”, CAMA launched its project dedicated to the research of traditional microtonal systems dedicated to the research of Istria scales and its specifics; the project is called ADRIA Microtonalis.

In 2016 CAMA also organized the first international festival of microtonal music – miCROfest.


CAMA representatives:

ZORAN ŠĆEKIĆ – president

ANA ŽGUR – vice president