On April 24th 2017 Chriss Jarret, one of the greatest pianists of our time, will perform with Croatian Abstract Construction Collective in the Blagoje Bersa hall of the Music Academy in Zagreb.

Abstract Construction Collective consists of some of the most distinguished Croatian jazz musicians: Saša Nestorović (tenor saxophone), Luka Žužić (trombone), Pavle Jovanović (guitar), Ivar Roban Križić (double bass), Krunoslav Levačić (drums) & Zoran Šćekić (modified slide guitar).

Here is a video of the band performing Zoran Scekic piece: ‘Construction 3.1.’

A unique symbiosis of contemporary music and free jazz improvisation combined with interpretations of Zoran Scekic graphic scores awaits you on 24th of April at 29th edition of Music Biennale in Zagreb.

More info @ http://www.mbz.hr