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miCROfest is an international festival of microtonal music aiming to create an opportunity for the public to encounter microtonal music, microtonal instruments and theories of microtonal music.

Microtonal music or microtonality is the use of microtones in music—intervals smaller than a semitone, which are also called microintervals. It may also be extended to include any music tuning using intervals not found in the customary Western tuning of twelve equal intervals per octave.


Festival mission is to present program ranging from lectures held by ethno/musicologists that present traditional music systems up to lectures & workshops held by worldwide microtonal experts that offer insights about contemporary microtonal instruments and theory; highlight of the program are concerts presenting both traditional and contemporary microtonal art and interpretation.

The miCROfest program also emphasizes the value and importance of Croatian traditional microtonal heritage, aiming to motivate musicologists and musicians to undertake research and analysis of traditional and contemporary tonal systems.

Leading European microtonal music experts will attend miCROfest to hold lectures for all interested composers, musicians, instrument builders and enthusiastic amateurs.  

At the same time, it’s a rare opportunity for the public to hear live performances of traditional and contemporary microtonal music.


miCROfest is organized by CAMA – Croatian Association for Microtonal Art, with continuous support from the Republic Croatia Ministry of Culture, Zagreb – City council for culture and Croatian Composers Society.



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