Panmonism, a multimedia project about direct connection of art & science – music & mathematics, is a part of this year Science Festival (full festival program).

Festival is opening on 18 of April, and we’ll start with an exhibition, followed by a microtonal concert for the opening of the fest on the same evening and “close” with a lecture by Zoran Scekic on 22 of April 2016 at 16:00. Panmonism exhibition and lecture will be at venues of Nikola Tesla technical museum  in Zagreb, and a concert will be on 18 of April 2016 at 21:15, semicircular hall at Theater &TD in Zagreb.

photo by A. Vrzinlissajous-curves

Zoran Scekic microtonal concert of “music for piano in five limit just intonation” will be performed by Ana Zgur and a piece “Nine fragments for alto saxophone” will be performed by Antica Berislav. Some of these pieces are presented at album JUST MUSIC.

There is a free entrance to all festival programs.

JUSTMUSIC_frontcover perception