International Ekmelic Music Society releases in 2019

Zoran Scekic’s article “Introduction to the five limit intervals harmony” was published in the book “Mikrotone: Small is Beautiful” and his compostion “Hybrid states” is included on the CD album  “Vom Leben das Beste”. The book and the CD is published by University Mozarteum Salzburg and International Ekmelic Music Society More info @

Hybrid Harp Tuning @ MIKROTÖNE ~ SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL symposium

International symposium MIKROTÖNE ~ MICROTONES SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL is a biennial event of the International Ekmelic Music Society organized in co-operation with the Mozarteum University Salzburg and in partnership with ConTempOhr and with EUROMicroFest 2017. Symposium included Paper Presentations, Workshops, and Concerts focusing on Microtonal Music. Zoran Scekic has held a lecture “Hybrid harp tuning” where […]