miCROfest 2017 program

miCROfest is an international festival of microtonal music aiming to create an opportunity for the public to encounter microtonal music, microtonal instruments and theories of microtonal music. This year, as one of the few events across Europe, miCROfest is part of the EUROMicroFest. Festival mission is to present program ranging from lectures held by ethno/musicologists […]

Time and Mind – Fifteen Questions Interview with Zoran Scekic

Name: Zoran Scekic Occupation: Guitarist / Composer Interviewer: Lara C Cory Quote: “Just as you can use a shovel to hit someone with, you can use art for whatever you want.” Why: I enjoy the perspective of European artists, who experience the music world in a different way to us here in the UK; different […]

The “PARMA Album of the Day” is Croatian composer Zoran Scekic’s debut album JUST MUSIC

PARMA Recordings, owner of the label Ravello Records that has published Zoran Scekic & Ana Zgur first microtonal music album has made it album of the day. Read more @ https://parmarecordings-news.com/the-parma-album-of-the-day-just-music Muzika.hr says the album should be named “Just Download” and that Scekic “approaches the piano as we have not yet heard, highlighting the beauty […]

Zoran Scekic composition @ Modèles: Microtonal Music for Violin and Viola

Zoran Scekic composition will be performed on March 16, 2017, at the concert “Modèles: Microtonal Music for Violin and Viola“ organized by Boston Microtonal Society @Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. This will be the world première of the Scekic’s composition”Tempus Spectrale” for violin and viola. More info about the event and performers: http://bostonmicrotonalsociety.org/index.php/upcoming-events  

Zoran Scekic piece for harp @ The Future Blend Project

The Future Blend Project was launched in 2015 inspired to bring together composers and harpist and to help increase the amount of music composed for the harp. The project pairs selected composers with harpist to network and help them create the best and most marketable work that reflects their unique composition style. All selected pieces […]


8 of January is the official release date  for Zoran Scekic JUST MUSIC under the Ravello Records