Hybrid Harp Tuning @ MIKROTÖNE ~ SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL symposium

International symposium MIKROTÖNE ~ MICROTONES SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL is a biennial event of the International Ekmelic Music Society organized in co-operation with the Mozarteum University Salzburg and in partnership with ConTempOhr and with EUROMicroFest 2017. Symposium included Paper Presentations, Workshops, and Concerts focusing on Microtonal Music. Zoran Scekic has held a lecture “Hybrid harp tuning” where […]

The “PARMA Album of the Day” is Croatian composer Zoran Scekic’s debut album JUST MUSIC

PARMA Recordings, owner of the label Ravello Records that has published Zoran Scekic & Ana Zgur first microtonal music album has made it album of the day. Read more @ https://parmarecordings-news.com/the-parma-album-of-the-day-just-music Muzika.hr says the album should be named “Just Download” and that Scekic “approaches the piano as we have not yet heard, highlighting the beauty […]

Zoran Scekic piece for harp @ The Future Blend Project

The Future Blend Project was launched in 2015 inspired to bring together composers and harpist and to help increase the amount of music composed for the harp. The project pairs selected composers with harpist to network and help them create the best and most marketable work that reflects their unique composition style. All selected pieces […]

Zoran Scekic presents Z-board at “Brave New world” event at HUB385

The Brave New World startups creation program is the region’s biggest startup event uniting developers, engineers, makers, hackers, designers, and beyond. This 5-day event kicks off with a conference followed by workshops (from 7+) and closes with a make-a-thon focused around smart cities, IoT, drones, ponics, and robotics. By the end, participants will have built […]

Panmonism at 14. Science Festival

Panmonism, a multimedia project about direct connection of art & science – music & mathematics, is a part of this year Science Festival (full festival program). Festival is opening on 18 of April, and we’ll start with an exhibition, followed by a microtonal concert for the opening of the fest on the same evening and […]