The Brave New World startups creation program is the region’s biggest startup event uniting developers, engineers, makers, hackers, designers, and beyond. This 5-day event kicks off with a conference followed by workshops (from 7+) and closes with a make-a-thon focused around smart cities, IoT, drones, ponics, and robotics. By the end, participants will have built their first functional apps and devices.

4 & 5 of June is also reserved for the FAIR – exhibiting various products, gadgets, solutions.. like Arduino gadgets and a mobile robot, STEMI – a robot you can make at home, Solar Bench, IoT Bees and Aeroponics, Synthomir…

Zoran Scekic will show his prototype of microtonal keyboard Z-Board, custom-made in San Diago based on his construction & present his vision of science, technology & art connecting in the field of microtonal music.


Brave New World at HUB385 – full event program & schedule